Friday, June 22, 2007

Our new banner

So, what do you think about our new banner photo . . . the Anticipation one? I saw a photo kinda like it somewhere and thought it was really cute, so I did my own version. The shoes really are those colors . . . I just turned the photo b&w and brought back the color for the shoes. I'm getting this shot blown up really big for our bedroom, to go with the other b&w ones in there.
I took this one when Gennie was born . . . actually it was the first day home . . . she was sitting with me and just reached up and grabbed his finger. You can even still see the scratches on her wrist from her crazy-long fingernails when she came out. Right now, this one hangs over our bed. Kev thought it was kinda silly to put up the Anticipation one since the little guy will be here soon but I told him I'm sure I'll think of something else to do when he does get here and I want the shoe one, too. Good thing he likes photographs . . . I think I would have driven him crazy by now if he didn't.


Jered said...
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Jered said...

That picture is ... AMAZING! I love it!

But why does Kevin paint his toenails?

Samantha said...

So so so cute!! Sorry I didn't pull through for ya but glad you got it figured out! It is so adorable!!!

Bella said...

Wow! Great lookin' toes! I love it! You take amazing photos. Beautiful!

And, Jered: Doesn't every man wear polish? Come on Jered...step up to the times! We will buy you a nice shade of blue polish --if you prefer!