Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Baby update

Are you tired of waiting for this baby yet? I know we are! Yesterday's appt was anticlimactic . . . same old stuff . . . blood pressure, "any problems?", measurements, heartbeat. All is still just fine. Doc said that if he had to guess the size he'd say that the baby is somewhere around high 6-low 7's and should be around 7lbs 12 or 13oz. at birth. That really surprised us since he's been telling us that we could expect to have another 10 pounder just like Gennie. But here's something to think about . . . Gennie was delivered at almost 42 weeks . . . Josiah will be delivered at just over 38 weeks . . . meaning she actually had an extra 4 weeks of cooking time on him . . . so it stands to reason that she'd be bigger than him. Doc said he has been wrong before, but with the measurements he's getting now, he doesn't really see another 10lb baby in there. We were talking later about how we are going to have to be more careful with a littler guy . . . we never worried about hurting her on accident or anything because she was sturdy.
We made a paper chain last night to help Gennie count down to "Baby Day." I had meant to do it sooner but since she can only really count to 11 . . . "8, 9, 10, 11, 49 momma!". . . it is a little easier for her to have only 10 days to go. She got to tear off #10 last night before bed and was SOOOO excited! Only 9 days to go . . . and now my heart has resumed beating. Wow. . .

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Bella said...

The paper chain is great idea! Yeah not much longer and the little guy will be here! Hooray! We can't wait to see pics of the new little pea!