Tuesday, July 3, 2007

It's official.

I'm compulsive. I can't help it. This last weekend we attended THE WEDDING. The one our church has been waiting for since 1999. Our really good friends Jerrid and Shannon are married. Our church family has been trying to get Jerrid married since 1999 when he moved to town . . . Shannon just moved here last Aug. . . so the wait hasn't been as long for her. Anyhow, they were one of the 11 wedding couples I had to turn down this summer because I'd be too preggo to shoot their event well. So, instead, I brought my camera just for me . . . and ended up with more than 90 shots. I told you, I'm complusive. I can't not take pictures. I guess the good thing is that I wasn't responsible for getting all the important shots well and moving around to be in position for them. I just got what I could from where I was . . . and even stayed in my seat. Most of mine have kinda this ethereal glow to them because of the camera settings I had to use to get them not blurry and dark, but I'm going to scrap a mini book just for fun and turn all the photos b&w so the glow will just add to the effect. Kevin made me promise not to get in the actual photographer's way . . . like so many family and friends do with their point & shoot cameras with flashes . . . drives me crazy when I'm the photog because they don't have any idea what their little flashes are doing to my shots. Anyway, I left her alone and can't wait to see what she did for them. Of all the weddings I was offered this summer, this is the one that I'd have liked to do the most just because the couple is so special to us . . . and it's not like they could put it off until next summer when I can shoot again . . . but I guess just being there will have to be enough this time. Oh, and the 70 or so shots I'll be able to use for my mini book from the ones I got . . . :)

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