Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Vacation Bible School

This week is our church's vacation bible school. I'm co-directing with my friend Lisa . . . well, because of my current condition I haven't been directing so much as being there for her to bounce ideas off of and getting the sitting down stuff done . . . and we've made it thru day 2 without incident! Gennie is technically too young to go yet because it starts at age 4 but since I had to be there the other teachers and helpers all expected her to come this year so I let her join the class with the little guys . . . ages 4 and 5. As you can see, she's as big as they are and actually does just a well as they do in the bible story classes and sitting still.

She says her favorite part of vbs is the recreation outside because they get to run around and play with balls. Our theme is a combination of secret agents and space missions so today's snack was astronaut pudding . . . the kids got instant pudding in a baggie, added the milk, zipped the baggie and smooshed it up to mix in the milk, then they cut a corner off and got to squeeze the pudding into their mouths. A HUGE hit with all the ages. I'm not sure that astronauts actually do it this way but it worked for vbs. Gennie LOVED it so I may have to keep it in mind for future desserts.
She's also learning to use scissors quite well . . . she opens and closes her mouth with each cut so it's a kick to watch. VBS is over by 12:30 so it's not a whole day but it makes for a very busy morning and she's been very ready for lunch and a nap when we get home. She's been sleeping all the way until 4:30-5pm . . . so I get a catnap, too! I think by the end of the week she will have grown up a whole year's worth . . . it's fun to see but kinda sad too in that she's not a toddler anymore . . . she's a little girl. What am I going to do when she starts preschool?!?!

Had another baby appt yesterday . . . we're on the once-a-week ones now. I've been feeling like the kid is hanging out between my knees for a few weeks now so I told him about it and asked him to check and make sure everything is okay. He did, and I'm dialated only about 1 cm, not effaced at all, nothing to worry about. He said that things could progress quickly but probably won't since they didn't at all with Gennie. He said he could feel the head already settled upside down so that's probably what all the pressure is about. But the best part is that we finally got him to commit to a date for the c-section! He mentioned the end of July now and again, talked about doing it between 38 and 39 weeks, "maybe the 26th or so" . . . but this time I told him we needed to plan so we needed to nail down the date. So, he actually wrote us on the books for July 26th! Now we just have to register at the hospital and then wait. Of course, if the kid decides he's done before that then we'll do it earlier but otherwise, that's the big day. Now I can stop worrying and just get the last minute stuff ready for him. And look forward to sleeping laying down again. I know they always say that the sleeping stops as soon as you bring them home, but since I have been so uncomfortable for the last 2 months and haven't been able to lay down I'm actually looking forward to sleeping when he's here . . . at least the sleep between the feedings will actually be SLEEP!

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