Wednesday, July 25, 2007

So, 13 hours to go!

Our surgery is scheduled for 7am tomorrow and we have to be there for prep at 5:30. Wow, that's early! I'm all packed and Gennie is headed over to Grandma's house to spend the night in just a few minutes. They'll bring her to the hospital once the baby's cleaned up and I'm out of recovery. She's sooooo excited to meet her little brother! She plans to wear her little scrubs outfit from last halloween when she comes to the hospital so she can look like the doctors and nurses.

Nervousness has set in now, so I apologize for this post. I have a feeling I'll look back on it and laugh at how fragmented it is. Kev just pointed out that there's less than 12 hours until we have to be at the hospital. Thanks, babe. Needed that! For some reason, too, I seem to be having an allergy attack yesterday and today. I can't have any food or drink even water after midnight tonight so I'm not sure how i'm supposed to clean all this snot out of my sinuses. I was really hoping it wasn't a cold because i don't want to put off the surgery or deliver a sick little kid or hold him and sneeze all over him. but I don't feel sick otherwise, just a stuffy, runny nose and cough because of the constant dripping. My photos tomorrow should be just fabulous. :) Red nose and all.

well, that's about all for tonite. Kev says he'll get some photos on here tomorrow night when he comes home . . . he could stay in the hospital room with me but all they have for sitting are those wood and canvas lobby chairs which he doesn't really want to sleep in all night. So he'll come home and feed Maggie and sleep better in our bed instead.

I don't expect to sleep much tonite so I've picked out several movies to keep me busy instead of laying there and imagining the prep and the surgery and the recovery. Of course I wouldn't be thinking about how awesome it will be to finally have him out . . . i have so much else to worry about before I can enjoy that :).

Here we go . . . wish us luck!

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