Monday, July 2, 2007

I really don't want to clean up.

After this last busy weekend . . . I'll blog about that later . . . I am really not wanting to clean my house. I remember this being the worst part about the last weeks of pregnancy - people coming to see the new kid and me not being able to get the house in order beforehand and then really not being able to do it while recovering from major abdominal surgery. I've been putting off the bigger cleaning stuff (not the everyday toilets and vaccuuming, etc. that's just gross) because I guess I think if I do it closer to when people are coming then it will stay that way for a little longer. Kev's been great and doing all he can, but I still feel bad that I'm sitting around all day and he works then comes home and does all my stuff, too. It's really frustrating that my body doesn't let me do the things I know I can do . . . it's not like being sick where you aren't really even coherant enough to do the little stuff . . . my mind still works just fine and I don't feel bad until I stand up and try to move about. Grrrr! I guess I just have to do the little stuff and not worry about the dust on the curtain tops, etc. If anyone actually had the gall to mention it to my face having just had a baby and my insides spread about the OR table . . .

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