Saturday, July 21, 2007

Softball in WY

Thursday night was the first night of our softball tourney this year. Our record wasn't so hot this time so we had to play a double-header . . . and that's a long time to sit on the bleachers. It's a co-ed league so there has to be the same amount of girls and guys, and this year we've had a really hard time getting enough girls to come so we don't have to forfeit. My mom even had to play! She was a good sport, tho, and even scored! The other team was really having fun with the fact that my dad was umpiring while she was at bat . . . nothing like having your husband whisper batting tips while trying to keep track of balls and strikes. Go Mom!

Kev got a triple and 2 doubles so he was in a good mood. He says he'd rather just hit it out of the park because then he can pass on all that running.

Gennie loved going to all the games but really only cheered when Kev was up . . . "Go Daddy, Go Daddy!" . . . and had more fun playing in the grass with the other team's kids. She apparently learned how to play Duck Duck Goose somewhere along the line because when I went to check to see where she was she was sitting with these kids and playing right along. Kinda hard to make a circle with only 3 players but they were having fun so whatever.

We play again next Tues night and if we win, we might have to play on Thurs., too. Needless to say I'll be otherwise occupied then but Kev says the game's only an hour and since I'll be sleeping I won't even know if he slips out and goes to play. We'll see . . . :)

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