Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy birthday, Krista!

Today my sister turns 25! Can't believe it! I always thought it would be fun to have your birthday right next to the 4th of July because everyone is all decorated and you have ready-made party themes, etc. But she says it actually sucks because everyone is done partying from the day before . . . and who always wants red, white, and blue for party photos? We could probably do a scrapbook of all her birthdays over the years and wouldn't have to change the color scheme at all.

I copied this one from a page of the scrapbook she made me for my birthday this year . . . I don't know where she got all the photos of us as kids . . . must have raided mom's stash when she was last home. She and her husband live in Redding, CA, and we don't get to see them nearly enough . . . last time was Christmas of 2005. Personally I think 2 years is too long, but with work schedules and all it's hard to just pick up and head west.
I love her! She's the best sister I could have been blessed with. I know people always say that but I really believe it. Even tho we don't see each other much, we always just pick up where we left off, even on the phone, and it's like we've never been apart. Our husbands crack up when we're together because a lot of the time we don't even say anything, just a look across the room and we both know what the other is thinking. We often collapse in fits of laughter that no one else understands. It's just one of those sister things, and we're not even twins. I'm so thankful for her and I hope she has a fabulous 25th birthday!

Oh, and Krista, your present is coming. I'm sure you knew it would be late, like always, but I just wanted to make sure you'll be looking for it! :P

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Bella said...

Ah, sisters! I am praying my two little girls will grow up to be best friends!
Hey, if you are ever WEST... we should get together. We could throw a party to celebrate your return for a visit! :-) We are always in for a good party (no matter the reason). And, if you need a place to stay (our home is open)